Inward Indemnity

    In consideration of your releasing for delivery to us or to our order the abovementioned goods of which we claim to be the rightful owners, without production of the relevant bill(s) of lading/forwarder’s receipt (not as yet in our possession).

    We hereby undertake and agree to indemnify you fully against all consequences and/or liabilities of any kind whatsoever directly or indirectly arising from or relating to the said delivery, and immediately on demand against all payments, made by you in respect of such consequences and/or liabilities, including, costs as between solicitor and client and all or any sums demanded by you for the defence of any proceedings brought against you by reason of the delivery aforesaid.

    And we further undertake and agree upon demand to pay any freight and/or General Average and/or charges on the goods aforesaid (it being expressly agreed and understood that all lines shall subsist and by unaffected by the terms hereof):

    And we further undertake and agree that immediately the bill(s) of lading/forwarder’s receipt is/are received by us we deliver the same to you duly endorsed.

    Indemnities with limited guarantees or bearing any qualifying remarks whatsoever cannot be accepted